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A brief CV:

Yaoling Niu is currently Research Professor at Laoshan Laboratory, Qingdao, China. He received his BSc in Geology (Lanzhou University, China, 1982), MS in Economic Geology (The University of Alabama, USA, 1988), and PhD in Marine Geology and Geophysics (University of Hawaii, USA, 1992). He has been both an educator and a researcher in Earth Science. He taught crystallography, optical mineralogy, mineralogy, igneous and metamorphic petrology, elemental and isotope geochemistry, ore deposits, thermodynamics for geologists, global tectonics and field geology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in China (1982-1985), Australia (1993-2001), USA (1986-1987, 2003-2004) and UK (2005-2022). His research includes: (1) petrology and geochemistry of mantle peridotites, basalts and basaltic rocks, granites and granitoid rocks, high- and ultra-high-pressure metamorphic rocks and ore deposits; (2) ocean ridge magmatism, intraplate magmatism, subduction-zone processes, magmatism associated with continental collision and continental crust accretion; (3) causes and effects of seafloor subduction and global tectonics, chemical geodynamics and mantle circulation; (4) elemental and isotope geochemistry, geochronology and geological applications.

Welcome to Yaoling Niu’s pubs page! You may be interested in reading this fun story (November 25, 2017, Durham, UK):

Recently, I had some exchanges with a friend, who is an influential and preeminent scientist in my field, whom I respect and admire although we differ in views on certain scientific issues. This friend said something like “Some of your work is getting a great deal of attention, though I am sure that it must also be controversial.” I take this as a compliment although this statement is incorrect! The correct statement is this: I choose to work on “controversial” problems or choose to work on important problems about which the prevailing views or standard models are “controversial” (i.e., they are in error, contradict observations, and thus need correction). The reason why I choose to write what I write is because I choose not to write papers that agree with standard models or with previous work by others – doing that I would be copying or repeating without making new contributions. As a geoscientist, I am committed to make original contributions with insights (e.g., make new discoveries, offer logical solutions to unsolved problems, identify flaws in popular models and make efforts to do correctly etc.). My contributions are ensured to be consistent with geological, geophysical, petrological and geochemical observations as well as chemical and physical concepts and principles. Reading the histories of scientific developments, I know it will take time before much of the community begins to happily accept that the results of my original contributions are in fact all correct! Of course, this time will come sooner if the reader chooses to think objectively with an open mind rather than accepting standard or prevailing models as facts without thinking. I also have the view that scientific research is a self-correcting process and we must be willing to change or revise when new data available require change and revision. It is such attitude and scientific approach that have truly advanced our science and technology as lucidly written in the book “A short history of nearly everything” by Bill Bryson.

Something to share (April 26, 2023, Qingdao, China):

I have received compliments concerning the paper by Mazuir & Niu (#275). I have also received very nasty words to the paper from a prominent scientist in this field. It took me a few days to finally decide to thank those for their encouragements while also responding to the nasty words. I hope this reply will have positive note for young scientists (such as the first author) and they should not be discouraged when treated by some “authorities” negatively in their career:

The first author is my last supervised student at Durham. This is a simple paper with petrological illustrations to follow, but the global significance is expressed in the title of the paper. 

I always hold the view that scientific debate is healthy and important, but one of the most prominent scientists in our field read it and disliked it with abusing statements to which I had to reply in this unusual way [[[ I have never been trained to accuse anyone, but feel grateful for what I have received and for all the opportunities I have been given for education, research training, pressure-free thinking, stress-free writing and freedom of speech. ]]] This recent experience makes me not to quit but continue for our science … …

Another fun story (January 15, 2020, Durham, UK):

Recently, someone asked me about my research interests, I answered as follows: My research includes (1) petrology and geochemistry of mantle peridotites, basalts and basaltic rocks, granites and granitoid rocks, high- and ultra-high-pressure metamorphic rocks and ore deposits; (2) ocean ridge magmatism, intraplate magmatism, subduction-zone processes, magmatism associated with continental collision and continental crust accretion; (3) causes and effects of seafloor subduction and global tectonics, chemical geodynamics and mantle circulation; (4) elemental and isotope geochemistry, geochronology and geological applications. All these seem so diverse and may spread myself too thin, but can be summarized as this: I am interested in major earth problems of global significance and I only choose to publish on those I have discovered solutions that are correct understandings, testable hypotheses or have testable predictions. I do not follow any crowd but come up with conclusions entirely based on objective analysis of  the data/observations and logical reasoning. (e.g., see papers 020022039048049053059077090117125133147162177178183193198206207229231235237242243248249, 252, 257, 260, 261, 262, 264, 265, 266, 267, 271, 272, 273, 275)

Research citations:

Yaoling Niu has published 283 peer-reviewed papers in academic journals, monographs and books with over forty (60) publications since 2019.

Web of Science (ResearcherID: A-5448-2008): = 25,347, H-index = 82 (WoS core collection)

Google Scholar  35,383, H-index = 95

Research Gate Interest = 18,395; Citations = 30,181; H-index = 89; Reads = 203,050; Recommendations = 1058

AD Scientific Index:


Research highlights

Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher (HCR) in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022 (

Objectiveness and open-mindedness are requisite ‘twins’ for insights and discoveries.” (Yaoling Niu, October 15, 2008, Durham, UK)

Following bandwagons is easy, but insights matter. (Yaoling Niu, October 15, 2017, Durham, UK)

Large scale Earth processes are likely very simple, but the key skill to discover the simplicity is to correctly identify the primary variables that control the processes. (Yaoling Niu, February 5, 2019, Durham, UK)

The true value of a scientific paper lies in its presentation of new findings and understandings in easily accessible way, but many papers seem to confuse the readers that scientific research is mysterious, complex, incomprehensible, and is forever debatable. (Yaoling Niu, February 22, 2020, Durham, UK)

In Earth Science research, it is hardly possible to prove any model right, but to prove it wrong is really easy because one percent failure fails it altogether“. (Yaoling Niu, March 1, 2020, Durham, UK)

In Peer-reviewed journals/Proceedings/Monographs: (001-283)


283Niu, Y.L., 2023. The 60-year-old quest of ocean drilling into the mantle remains unfulfilled and we must persevere. Science Bulletin 68, 2893-2895. (DOI:  10.1016/j.scib.2023.10.031)

282:  Fan, J.J., Zhang, B.C., Niu, Y.L., Luo, A.B., Hao, Y.J., 2023. Resolving the nature and evolution of the Bangong–Nujiang Tethyan Ocean: New perspectives from the intraplate oceanic-island fragments preserved in Northern Tibet.  Geological Society of America Bulletin 135, ppp-ppp (

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275:   Mazuir, R.A.B, Niu, Y.L., 2023. Global volcanic arc magma composition correlates with thickness of both arc crust (Moho depth) and arc lithosphere (LAB depth): A revealing message on arc basement histories and arc magmatism. Geoscience Frontiers 14, 101609.

274:   Miao, Z., Li, X.Q., Zhao, Z.D., Niu, Y.L., Xu, B., Lei, H.S., Wu, J.K., Yang, Y.Y., Ma, Q., Liu, D., Wang, Q., Zhu, D.C., Mo, X.X., 2023. Deciphering mantle heterogeneity associated with ancient subduction-related metasomatism: Insights from Mg-K isotopes in potassic alkaline rocks. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 348, 258-277.

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272:    Niu, Y.L., 2023. Geological confirmation for water-effected incipient melt origin of seismic low velocity zone (LVZ) beneath ocean basins. Science Bulletin 68, 459-363. (Geological confirmation for water-effected in | EurekAlert!

271:    Guo, P.Y., Niu, Y.L., Chen, S., Duan, M., Sun, P., Chen, Y.H., Gong, H.M., Wang, X.H., 2023. Low-degree melt metasomatic origin of heavy Fe isotope enrichment in the MORB mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 601, 117892.


270: Song, S.G., Ye, S.T., Allen, M.B., Niu, Y.L., Sun, W.D., Zhang, L.F., 2022. Oxidation of arcs and mantle wedges by reduction of manganese in pelagic sediments during seafloor subduction. American Mineralogist 107, 1850-1857 (

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News, Views, Comments, Reports and Book Review: (289-316)

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Peer-reviewed, useful, yet unpublished paper: (317-317)

317: NiuY.L., 2004. Excess olivine and positive FeO-MgO trend in bulk compositions of abyssal peridotites as a consequence of porous melt migration beneath ocean ridges: A clarification, Earth and Planetary Science Letters manuscript (Read on if interested as this will never be published).

Edited Volumes: (318-326)

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Theses: (328-330)

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Selected abstracts: (331-346)

Published over 200 abstracts presented at international conferences since 1989. 

A few recent ones that may be of broad interest:

331: NiuY.L., Chen, S., Sun, P., Chen, Y.H., Guo, P.Y., Duan, M., Gong, H.M., Wang, X.H., Xue, S., Xiao, Y.Y., 2022. MORB Fe isotope variation as a consequence of mantle source heterogeneity and crustal level magma differentiationGoldschmidt Conference 2022..

332: NiuY.L., 2022. A paradigm change: Lithospheric lid thickness, not mantle potential temperature, controls the extent of mantle melting, depth of melt extraction & basalt compositions in all tectonic settings on Earth. International Symposium on Deep Earth Exploration and Practices (DEEP 2021) (virtual)

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Patents: (347-348)

347: (1) 孙普、牛耀龄、龚红梅、陈硕、段梦、肖媛媛、王晓红、郭鹏远 , 一种实验室元素分离树脂柱架, 2017-6-26, 中国, ZL201720747598.X (专利)

348: (2) 孙普、牛耀龄、王晓红、龚红梅、段梦、郭鹏远, 一种酸纯化装置, 2017-9-20, 中国, ZL201721208230.2 (专利)

Informal essay: (349-350)

349: NiuY.L., 2006. An informal essay in the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou University. (in ChineseLZU Site)

350: About my grandfather (牛载坤) written by my father (牛 宏) (in Chinese); 牛载坤(my grandfather)塑像落成典礼讲话(牛晋龄)及照片 (in Chinese)

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